An Accelerated Income Strategy to Kick start Your Retirement Savings

Quick Income Trader capitalizes on two little-known niches in options trading: selling covered calls and selling naked puts.

Rather than buying options for the sake of acquiring more stock at a discounted price, selling calls and puts works the opposite way. The calls and puts themselves become the investment vehicle, whereby investors gain income when the calls or puts they have for sale on the open market are purchased.

Done correctly, this “quick income program” is a great method for generating regular cash payments every month by selling out-of-the-money call options on a select group of market-leading stocks.

Quick Income Trader maintains a maximum of 7 active trades at any one time, and the strategy 1) doesn’t require a special kind of account, 2) can be done without a lot of investment capital, and 3) can be done through any IRA retirement account


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