The Simple Secret to Outperforming the Market by 330%

Signal Investor has a simple mission: to save investors from making bad financial decisions based on emotion or attachment to a stock.

To accomplish this, the service presents a rational, mathematically precise course of action for all market situations:

In bullish markets: Signal Investor helps grow capital by moving investors into top-scoring stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

In neutral markets: Signal Investor avoids risk by selling equities and recommending partial or total go-to-cash strategies.

In bearish markets: Signal Investor takes advantage of market downturns and mitigates risk through the use of inverse ETFs.

In every market condition: Signal Investor utilizes the same 2.8 million lines of code that was implemented on Bloomberg’s trading terminals to provide complete market forecasting, as well as recommended stop-loss prices on each currently recommended position.


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