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Legendary Investor Shares His Million-Dollar “Single Stock Retirement Plan”


Mark Skousen

Top 20 Living Economist and Legendary investor Dr. Mark Skousen recently gave a talk to a small group in downtown Washington, D.C.

In most instances, Dr. Skousen doesn’t share personal investing stories with audiences.

This time, he slipped up.

Dr. Skousen revealed an investment — the biggest holding in his IRA — which helped make him a millionaire.

In fact, just minutes into his presentation, he revealed this investment as “the fastest and most reliable way to get rich in America today.”

All on a single stock.

So Dr. Skousen and his publisher agreed… this little-known play is too important NOT to share with others.

After all, a $10,000 stake in this investment 10 years ago — is worth $87,000 today.

And it’s growing practically every month — because the masterminds behind this company boast an incredible 98% success ratio.

That’s why we put together a video that explains everything in detail…

Including why this single investment is the cornerstone of Dr. Skousen’s retirement plan — and why you should consider it for yours, too.

Watch his “TED Talk”-style presentation here.

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