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It started as a simple training manual...

But suddenly, it’s like everyone wanted to get their hands on it.

The download rate exploded. Why?

Personally, I think I misnamed it.

Tell me if this doesn’t this sound like something for beginners: The 5 Basic Plays of Trading Options.

It’s basic enough for beginners… it’s almost written for a 10-year old to make money with.  

But after its simple explanation of options... it shows an easy-to-use, yet powerful algorithm (that’s a fancy name for an intelligent computer program) that:

·       Gives you profits with up to 87.4% accuracy...

·       Predicts option prices three days in advance... like an electronic crystal ball

·       Has been tested, proven, and even patented with the U.S. Government.  Yet it’s simple enough to use on your computer with just a couple of mouse-clicks...

No wonder why this 5 Basic Plays of Trading Options training manual is so sought after by beginning, intermediate, and even pro-level traders.

And with technology that predicts prices three days in advance, with up to 86% accuracy...

You can see why I patented it.

But hey... I’m willing to share.

In fact, until midnight tonight, I’ll let you download the 5 Basic Plays of Trading Options without cost.

But I can’t guarantee I won’t charge for it after midnight. With all the high-quality information that’s packed into this manual, you can make more money than some of those $500 courses on the internet. Get this now

Good Trading,

Lane Mendelsohn 
President, Vantagepoint AI
1-800-732-5407 U.S. & Canada 
1-813-973-0496 International

P.S. I urge you to download it now, because it’s so easy to get distracted by something else. And by this time tomorrow, I could be charging hundreds of dollars for this.